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Who are We?

The story of the Australian club begins with two mates back in the 1980s.  One had a farm strip and the other was building a C180.  They decided it would be a good idea to start a group so they began to make contact all the C180 and 185 owners in Australia and invited them to a Flyin.  The first Flyin was held at the farm near Coonamble in 1984 with 7 aircraft in attendance. 

From that day for 31 years the annual Flyin was hosted by Lloyd and Marj Parsons on their property near Coonamble on the central western plains of NSW.  Each year members would gather from all over Australia to camp under the wing and enjoy a night or two of merriment.  It was important to the founders that the group became a family without the many formalities of a club structure.  And so it remains to this day.

After the 2015 Flyin Lloyd and Marj decided to ‘retire’ as hosts but still attend each year at the new venue in the Hunter Valley in NSW – another farm strip - which is perfect for our gatherings.

At October 2017, the Australia C180/185 Club has 63 financial members from all states of Australia with a strong membership base on the east coast.

Our members are from many walks of life.  We have members who are business people with office based jobs, farmers, aircraft engineers, retirees, professional pilots – eg pilots, airline pilots, ferry and skydiving pilots - and our members range from 20 to over 80 years of age.  Many of our members were “brought up in the back” of the aircraft and have gone on to purchasing their own 180 or 185.   That’s the great appeal of the Skywagon.

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