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Established in 1983, the Australian Cessna 180/185 Club is a group of owners with a love for this unique aircraft known as ‘the workhorse of the sky’.

This powerful tailwheel aircraft, first produced in 1952, is widely used today, from carrying loads, getting skydivers into the air or simply for the enjoyment of flying.  


We have an affiliation with the International C180/185 Club based in the USA and with the New Zealand C180/185 Group.  Our members have been able to connect with and visit members from Canada, Mexico, USA and New Zealand, we’ve also opened our homes to visiting members from these countries too.


The Cessna 180 was first produced in 1952 and was constructed for both strength and durability.  It gives excellent speed for a fixed gear aircraft and is well known for it’s exceptionally high performance.  It has an outstanding ability for getting a heavy load off the ground and operating in rough and short airstrips.  The 180 was produced until 1981.


The 185 was introduced in 1961 as a heavy duty version of the 180 sporting more power and greater useful load.  Last production of the 185 was in 1985.

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